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6 month gift voucher

6 month gift voucher

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We love that you’re planning a Cineville gift! A Cineville membership offers unlimited access to over 70 cinemas throughout the Netherlands.

You are purchasing a digital gift voucher. The person you are giving the voucher to can exchange it for a Cineville card and enjoy going to the movies for free for 6 months. After this period, their membership will end automatically.

Pick the product that applies to the recipient:

  • Cineville up to 29 years: € 111 (youth rate € 18.50 p/m)
  • Cineville 30 years and older: € 125 (regular rate € 22.50 p/m)
Gift tip: download this PDF and print it on your prettiest piece of paper. Then add the number of months and the voucher code. All set!
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